Q&A Tuesday: What Every Seller Should Do Before Closing

Q&A Tuesday: What Every Seller Should Do Before Closing

You’ve gotten your home under contract; now what? As closing day gets closer, there are some steps you should be taking to reduce the chance of having any issues pop up during closing and help the new owners settle into the property.

Schedule to disconnect the utilities and cable, plus start them at your new home.

You can do this online or by calling the energy company.

Review what you agreed to leave and what’s coming with you.

When packing everything up for your move, make sure to review what you agreed to leave behind and what’s coming with you. This could include the washer and dryer, refrigerator, sound systems, any particular furniture pieces the buyer wanted, light fixtures, etc. The agreed upon items can be found in section 16 (Personal Property) of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors Purchase and Sale Contract.

Remove ALL of your belongings.

Seriously, it’s not the new homeowners job to pack up your trash. Believe in the power of karma and clean out every nook and cranny. Donate what you don’t need to charity, or if there’s something you think the new homeowners might want (like storage shelves in the garage), contact them first to ask before just leaving it.

Karma in cleaning is real; so have the home professionally cleaned.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement only requires the property to be left in “broom-swept” condition, but do unto others as you would like them to do for you – have the home professionally cleaned. Extra dose of good karma? Clean up the yard as well (no new homeowner wants to start off moving day by stepping in dog poo).

Leave the keys with the closing agent (ALL the keys)

This includes keys to all the doors, any mailbox keys, storage space keys, key fobs for condo amenities or keys to access anything else tied to the property.

Have more questions about what you should do before moving out for closing day? Ask them in the comment section below or send over a message on the contact page.