Condo living isn’t for everyone. Here are some cases to consider if you’re thinking about moving to a condo community in Jacksonville.

You should reconsider if condo life is right for you if...

1. You don’t play well with others.

It’s close quarters all around if you choose to live in a condo community, with neighbors above, below and on all sides. Even if you get lucky with the location of your unit, be prepared to see neighbors every day - and to deal with their eccentricities. This may not be much different than living next to home owners in a regular neighborhood, but depending on how well you get along with the other people living in your community, you may find yourself wanting to exchange loud music, barking dogs or scattered toys for more personal space.

Jacksonville's housing market is seeing plenty of positive indicators as 2013 wraps up and we head into 2014. New construction is back with developments popping up from Brooklyn to Southside to the beaches; prices continue to climb at a steady and sustainable pace, and interest rates remain low. Zillow recently named Jacksonville as one of the top ten housing markets in the nation for 2014, with its predictions based on average home prices, unemployment rates and population growth trends from the past two years. Wondering what's on the horizon for Jacksonville real estate? Here are six trends you can expect to see in the coming year.

Want tips on how to really determine how much you should be spending on rent each month? Here's what you should be considering:

Do the Math

Most financial advisors would recommend keeping your rent somewhere around 30 percent of your income; enough to live comfortably and still have enough put away for emergencies and other living expenses. To figure out how much to budget for, take your annual income (single or combined if you're married) and divide it by 40 (a simple shortcut for taking 30 percent of your income and dividing it across 12 months).